5 Strawberries That Have The Best Taste

Knowing you can purchase diverse strawberry varieties, you might be asking yourself a few questions like, which strawberries taste the best?

The best tasting strawberry is the Earliglow strawberry. Other great tasting strawberries include Honeoye, Ozark Beauty, Jewel and Seascape. These are the best tasting strawberries because of their flavor, texture and aroma.

This article will inform you in complete detail about each one of the best tasting strawberries.

Strawberries That Taste The Best

A woman eating strawberries.
Eating the best strawberries

As a Certified Health Coach many people ask me about strawberries. I purchase and consume them almost every day. Therefore, I have researched this topic extensively.

There are different varieties and cultivars of almost every fruit and this is especially true when it comes to strawberries1. At one time, I had no idea there were different kinds of strawberries. I thought a strawberry was a strawberry. The following are the 5 best tasting strawberries.

1. Earliglow Strawberries

Earliglow strawberries have been one of the favorites across the United States for a very long time. They taste sweet, have a firm texture and a beautifully sweet but not overbearing aroma.

One of the main reasons why they became so popular apart from a great flavor is because they are harvested early on in the season. This means they are some of the first fresh strawberries to come out every season of every year.

In terms of size, the Earliglow strawberries are medium.

2. Honeoye Strawberries

This strawberry is at the top of my list because of its sweet flavors, medium texture and beautiful floral aromas.

The Honeoye strawberries are usually picked throughout the middle of the season when they’re in their prime. As far as their size, the Honeoye strawberries are considered large.

These strawberries are some of the best to use when you are making a strawberry jam. This is due to the large size and very soft inside.

3. Ozark Beauty Strawberries

These strawberries are named after the beautiful Ozarks situated in Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. They have quite the reputation to live up to, and trust me it genuinely does.

The Ozark beauty has a mild but sweet flavor, making it perfect for anybody who doesn’t typically have such an intense sweet tooth but still enjoys eating strawberries.

The Ozark beauty has a firm outer texture and inner texture which gives it a very nice bite.

Much like the Earliglow, the Ozark Beauty has a sweet aroma. It’s almost like you’re smelling a little bit of strawberry with a little bit of honey. Unfortunately, this strawberry is only picked in the late season which means you have to wait quite a while for them.

Many of the strawberry’s attributes can be because of its small size. Often times you’ll find with smaller fruit, they are generally firmer than their larger counterparts.

If you have ever bought strawberries just before the season ends, you have probably had the Ozark beauty.

Ozark beauty strawberries.
Ozark beauty strawberries

4. Jewel Strawberries

Now it is time to talk about the Jewel strawberry. In terms of sweetness, this will be one of the sweetest strawberries you’ll have. It’s part of the reason why this strawberry is one of the most beloved strawberries when it comes to making syrup.

The outside of the Jewel can feel quite hard but once you bite through and get to the inside, it becomes soft and plush. This is where those sweet flavors will really hit your pallet2.

When you smell the Jewel strawberry, you’ll notice a very mild aroma, something in between floral and sweet. I think it’s the hard skin that subdues those very sweet flavors from coming out as aromas.

The Jewel strawberry is rather large in size, one of the largest on this list.

5. Seascape Strawberries

seascape best tasting strawberries
Seascape strawberry

The last strawberry on the list is the Seascape strawberry. This variety is perfect for anybody who loves strawberries without the extremely sweet flavors that often come with them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re sweet but they have more of a mild sweetness.

On this list, this strawberry has the softest texture. In addition, it has a nice mildly floral and sweet aroma.

The Seascape strawberry is one of the favorites for DIY gardeners to grow3. This is because it has an extremely long season and the fruit can be harvested from early on to late in the season.

This makes it perfect for anybody who wants strawberries at the beginning of the season and also wants enough to freeze, so they have enough for out-of-season.

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Table Of The Best Tasting Strawberries

I designed this table to be easy to read to save you time. Feel free to bookmark this page and use it as a reference. When you go shopping for strawberries look for these varieties in the supermarket or compare to others.

Strawberry Taste Texture Aroma Harvest Time Size
Earliglow Sweet Firm Sweet Early season Medium
Honeoye Sweet Medium Floral Mid season Large
Ozark Beauty Mild/Sweet Firm Sweet Late season Small
Jewel Very Sweet Hard Mild Floral Late Season Large
Seascape Mild/Sweet Soft Mild Floral/Sweet Early and late season Large

What Climate Makes the Best Strawberries

The climate best for strawberries to harvest is cool to warm. The best temperatures to grow strawberries are between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Strawberries will not survive summer heat with higher temperatures above eighty degrees.

Strawberries are often thought of as a tropical fruit because of their vibrant colors and sweet flavors but that’s untrue. Strawberries prefer cooler climates which help them develop stronger roots4. This enables them to soak up more nutrients needed to produce more flowers and fruit.

If you have any questions to ask me about this article don’t hesitate to comment below or email us. You can find an email on our contact page.

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