A Guide To Storing Toasted Bread

There are many times toast cannot be used right away after removing it from the toaster. While you may have thought you can only use toast fresh, there are other options other than throwing it away. Therefore, how do you store toasted bread?

Store toasted bread short term in an oven set to low temperature up to 20-30 minutes. For longer storage, place cooled toast into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator up to 24 hours. Store a toasted sandwich by wrapping the cooled toast in a paper towel and place it into an airtight container.

This article will examine each toast storage method in complete detail. In addition, the storage time for each method and what will happen to the toast if you don’t store it properly.

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How To Store Toasted Bread

There are three ways to store toasted bread. Which one suits you best depends on the timeframe of when you plan to eat the toasted bread. 

Three ways to store toasted bread:

  1. For short-term store toasted bread in a low temperature oven for 20-30 minutes.
  2. For longer-term store cooled down toasted bread in the refrigerator up to 24 hours.
  3. Store a toasted bread sandwich in an airtight container wrapped in a paper towel for the day.

1. Store Toasted Bread In An Oven For 20-30 Minutes

It’s happened to me. How many times have you toasted bread only to find you’re not ready to eat it yet. When this happens, how do you keep toasted bread fresh and crispy?

If you plan to eat the bread in a short period of time, place the toast in the oven directly on a rack. Set the oven at its lowest temperature which will keep it warm and crispy. Store the toasted bread in the oven up to 20-30 minutes.

This will help keep the bread warm and crispy. However, if it is left for too long, the toast will become very dry and brittle 1. The oven method works best if you only need to keep the bread warm for a short time, like 20-30 minutes.

It’s important to keep the toast on a rack and not placed onto aluminum foil or a baking sheet. This allows the air to circulate around the bread and help keep it dry 2.

Alternatively, if you want to store your bread to eat later in the day or the next day, keeping your bread in the oven isn’t a suitable solution. Instead, after toasting, follow the next step.

2. Store Toasted Bread In The Refrigerator Up To 24 Hours

You would use this storage method if you toasted bread and found out you won’t be eating it within the 30 minutes. Instead of throwing the toast away, you may wonder, should toasted bread be refrigerated?

Toasted bread can be refrigerated after it’s completely cooled down. Place the toast into an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator up to 24 hours.

You can also use this storage method for leftover toasted bread that hasn’t been used yet. If the bread was already used to make a sandwich, this storage method wouldn’t work because the bread has probably soaked in some wetness from the sandwich ingredients.

Therefore, move on to the next storage method.

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3. Store A Toasted Bread Sandwich In An Airtight Container Wrapped In Paper Towel

Many people prefer a toasted sandwich for lunch. If you’ve made the sandwich in the morning for lunch later at work, you may end up with soggy bread. Let’s answer the question, how to store a toasted sandwich for lunch later?

To store a toasted sandwich for lunch later:

  1. Toast the bread to at least medium brown and allow it to completely cool in the toaster, do not lay the bread down to cool.
  2. Make the sandwich with the toasted bread.
  3. Avoid having the condiments or wet items touch the toast, instead add it between the sandwich contents.
  4. Wrap the toasted bread sandwich in a paper towel.
  5. Store the sandwich in an airtight container or tightly wrapped plastic.

Some people may pack the condiments or wet items separately to avoid the toast from getting wet or soggy.

It’s essential not to lay the toasted bread flat when allowing it to cool. The side of the bread facing down may sweat which produces moisture and soften the bread.

Wrapping the toasted sandwich in a paper towel helps to prevent moisture or condensation making the bread mushy.

In addition to work, use this method when going on hikes or picnics. Anytime the toasted bread sandwich is made for later.

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Why Store Toasted Bread?

Store toasted bread for the following reasons:

  1. You won’t be using the toasted bread until later in the day. This occurs when you have to make the sandwich prior to leaving for work, a hike or a picnic. Any similar situation where it’s impossible to make the sandwich at the same time you eat it.
  2. You’re preparing too much toasted bread to make all at once. This may occur when you’re hosting a large group of people and making all the toast at once isn’t possible.
  3. You made toasted bread and found out you can’t use it right away. You’ve made the toast with the intention of using it instantly but experienced a delay and can’t use it until 20 minutes later.
  4. You have leftover toasted bread. You made more toasted bread than needed and you don’t want to discard it.

Toasted Bread Storage Times

How long can you store toasted bread?

When using the proper methods, the following is how long toasted bread can be stored for:

  • Toasted bread can be stored in a warm oven for 20-30 minutes.
  • Toasted bread can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  • A toasted bread sandwich can be stored in a wrapped paper towel for the day.

What happens if I don’t store my toasted bread?

If you don’t store toasted bread and leave it out on the counter it will become stale and hard. To prevent this, store the toast in an airtight container inside the refrigerator up to 24 hours.

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When Toasted Bread Becomes Bad

Many people ask the question, how long does toasted bread last? Toasted bread will remain safe to eat for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Signs toasted bread isn’t good to eat include:

  1. A foul smell or taste.
  2. Signs of mold.
  3. Extreme staleness.

If the bread tastes fuzzy, it indicates it may be unsuitable to eat anymore. If there’s mold, don’t cut it off and eat the rest of the bread. Throw away the whole piece of toast 3.

If the toasted bread has become really tough to break and snaps, it’s typically unsalvageable and should be thrown away. If you spot or taste any of these indicators, it’s better to throw the toast away and toast some new bread 4.

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