About Foods For Anti-Aging

Foods For Anti-Aging is a resource that specializes in informing people about any topic related to food storage, food alternatives and food choices. Foods For Anti-Aging is best known for its website and plans to establish a YouTube Channel.


Our Story

My name is Kevin Garce, and I started Food choices, storage and alternatives because of my past experience with nutritional issues and high blood pressure and my desire to help others who may be experiencing the same problems.

After two of my friends experienced heart attacks because of clogged arteries, I decided I was going to change a few things in my life and get healthier. I started researching everything on the internet and in books having to do with nutrition, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

I eventually found myself working at a healthcare facility. There I had access to Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, General Physicians and Cardiologists. I picked their brains every day about everything related to nutrition, food and blood pressure.

I enrolled in nutrition and Health Coaching classes. As a Certified Health Coach I enjoy interacting with my clients about food and nutrition.

I published my website, Food storage, choices and alternatives. I have articles on food choices, food storage, differences between organic and regular, frozen or fresh and so much more.

Healthier food can be expensive at times. Therefore learning how to store them is crucial. In addition, being informed about some of the differences between the healthier choices may be overwhelming. This website can help simplify those topics for you.

Today, I’m writing content for my websites and other food related properties. The websites are growing everyday, increasing subscribers, views and internet visitors.


Our Readers And Viewers Are Awesome

We have people visiting our website from all over the world. We are proud to say we have visitors from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Nothing is more satisfying to us when we receive a comment from someone that is thanking us for all the hard work we put in daily. The ultimate is when I hear someone saying how much their food choices, food storage and food alternatives have improved and all the positive benefits associated with that success.

Associated Sites We’ve Started…

  • FoodsForAntiAging.com
    • This has become a major focus. It’s growing into a huge following. We love informing others about food storage, alternatives and choices. This is one of the best ways to reach a large audience to get that accomplished. FoodsForAntiAging.com
  • Anti-Aging Facebook
    • Our presence on Facebook is expanding with new followers and likes every month. We post our new articles and videos on there to reach an audience who may not have come across our content otherwise. FaceBook
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