About Me – Kevin Garce

Hi Everyone,

This is Kevin Garce here, Certified Health Coach, and I wanted to share my background and experiences with you. For longer than I can remember I’ve had higher than normal blood pressure. For a long time I gave up the thought on having a consistent normal blood pressure. Although I never gave up and started doing hours of research into the topic.

Armed with the correct advice, my health and blood pressure improved. A big part of the improvement in my health was from nutrition. I learned all the exercise in the world wouldn’t make a difference, if I didn’t change my eating habits.

First, I decided to put together a site which could explain blood pressure topics, BloodPressureExplained.com. Second, I started a YouTube channel on the same topics. Third, I planned to start this website, Food storage, choices and alternatives. My intention was to develop these sites as a single resource for blood pressure, food storage education and related topics. By providing the facts, my hope was to motivate the readers to make progress with their health and lifestyles. While doing my research on the topic of blood pressure, nutrition and food storage, I found that all the information out there on the web was scattered around and not concentrated in one place. While I found many trusted articles on the topic of food storage and choices, that site’s specialty was in the medical field in general. For every one blood pressure or food storage article, that website had a hundred other articles on other unrelated medical topics.

To find answers to basic topics involved several searches and a lot of head scratching frustration. I just wanted to find a site that specialized in those topics and was able to answer all my related questions. In addition, many of the answers that I found were too technical and full of terms that only a physician would understand.

In this site you will find articles on food storage, the difference between two kinds of food, what nutrients foods contain and facts to educate you on the latest information. I have interviewed and conferred with Nutritionists, Primary Care Physicians and Cardiologists to gather the best information possible. I’ve read up and intensely studied the best high authority websites and sources on all food storage, choices and related topics.

As time passed, I took my nutrition, blood pressure and health obsession to a new level and became a Certified Health Coach. I enrolled in the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, a leading organization in the health and wellness industry. The institute is a pioneer in health coaching and they are recognized for outstanding education, resources and support. There I specialized in Adult and Seniors course content where I was provided with the knowledge to educate and motivate adults in the following:

  • Foods
  • Nutrition
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Blood sugar
  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight  management
  • Fitness
  • Skin care
  • Mental health
  • Medication

As someone who is employed in a healthcare facility, I’ve been working with healthcare providers and the rest of the medical staff. I have witnessed different patient’s healthcare needs and treatments.

I have built relationships with patients and have seen how their illnesses have affected their lives. I have personally bonded with ones that have nutritional deficiencies and high blood pressure because I can relate to some of them through my personal experiences.

I’ve had countless conversations with people about complications storing their healthy food and the differences between the choices available.

I have utilized my experience, educational background and health coaching client experiences to bring my websites to a different level.

The following websites are a few research sites I use to gather important food and nutrition studies and reports:

So if you’re looking for the #1 resource of food and nutrition information all in one site, be sure to check out my site’s home page by clicking here.

The following are other anti-aging, food and nutrition websites that are associated to me, Kevin Garce and this site: