What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching helps individuals, families or groups achieve their wellness and health goals. This is accomplished by providing science-based information, motivation and positive encouragement.

Health coaching has helped improve overall well being and physical health changing people’s lives. A health coach is certified and performs the service.

A Health Coach

A Health Coach helps you implement lifestyle changes to improve your physical health. They act like your personal health cheerleader, partner and guide.

People hire Health Coaches to help them with a variety of health issues including the following:

  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Weight loss
  • Improving diet and exercise
  • Stress reduction
  • Adjusting to a life altering event
  • Tabacco cessation
  • Addictions

Health coaching is often available through corporate wellness programs, community centers, senior citizen centers, fitness facilities, churches, groups and residential communities.

Health coaching may be individualized or for families or groups.

Let’s examine the benefits of working with a health coach.

The Benefits of Working With a Health Coach

Discover an effective personalized weight control program

Become fit, flexible and stronger

Boost energy levels

Become more active and experience an energetic life

Boost your immune system

Reduce inflammation and joint pain

Help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels

Sleep better and stay more alert

Reduce medical expenses!

Need Some Motivation To get Started?

Let me help you get started

Kevin Garce’s services include a variety of customizable individual consultations, group workshops, wellness luncheons and lectures appropriate for individuals, families, business, community groups, churches and more.


During intimate, personal consultations , we’ll evaluate your current lifestyle, nutrition and develop a specific plan for you and your body type.


Perfect for community events, family get togethers, business lunches and more. My interactive, fun and educational wellness presentations are packed full of advice and affordable tips. The experience is memorable and fun!

Pantry Makeovers

We’ll consider which foods should be replaced with healthier substitutes. You and your family will learn how to read nutrition labels and learn their hidden secrets. Cleaning out your pantry has never been this fun!

Let’s Go Shopping

Learn how to navigate the store with ease and develop a system to identify the healthier areas and food. We’ll examine affordable alternatives and remain healthy.

Workplace Programs

Researchers have concluded employers save more money for every dollar spent on employee wellness. Contact me to provide a wellness program customized to fit your business and employee’s needs.

Online Courses

Would you rather learn from home? Learn easy ways to improve your overall health, nutrition, energy, focus and weight.

Science Based Solutions for You

Finally take control of your health and fitness. Learn simple, effective strategies customized for you and not the general population. Help lose weight, become fit, sleep better, prevent disease and boost energy.