The Best Food Storage Without Plastic

Whether it’s in the pantry, fridge, freezer or lunch box, more people are turning to plastic-free food storage solutions. The recent trend is identifying the best ways to store food without plastic. With that in mind, what are the best food storage without plastic?

The best food storage without plastic includes stainless steel, reusable beeswax food wraps, glass and bamboo. Choosing which plastic-free storage alternative depends on which kind of food to store and method of storage

Let’s dive deeper into some of the best alternatives to plastic food storage containers1. In addition, I’ll inform you why they represent a more preferred option for both you and your family.

Stainless Steel Food Storage

Stainless steel storage container.
Stainless steel storage container

Stainless steel food storage is so versatile. It’s definitely one of the most commonly used materials for plastic-free food storage for many reasons. It’s leak-proof, very durable and does not corrode easily. 

In addition, it’s very easy to clean making it very hygienic. Stainless steel doesn’t contain any harmful substances or materials and it’s recyclable2. Its long term use is great making it great value for your money. 

Stainless steel is incredibly popular for a plastic-free alternative when it comes to food storage, and it’s easy to see why. Here are a handful of ways stainless steel can be used for food storage:

  • Stainless steel ice cube tray instead of a traditional plastic ice cube tray.
  • Dispenser. A stainless steel water dispenser can be used to replace many plastic items. For example, you can use a stainless steel water dispenser to store oil, honey, vinegar and things like your washing detergent.
  • Stainless steel water bottles are absolutely amazing inventions. They are clean, incredibly hygienic and ensure the water stays fresh. Most stainless steel water bottles are double-walled, meaning your drink, hot or cold, will stay its correct temperature for extended periods of time.
  • Stainless steel lunch boxes help keep your food fresher for longer when out and about. As long as it’s not sitting in the sun or a very hot environment, it will help keep your food cooler than plastic would be able to.
  • Airtight stainless steel food containers are great for storing food in your freezer! Metal does great in freezers, and this gives you a way of freezing your food safely and healthy without any plastic being involved.
  • Stainless steel containers are great for simply storing food or leftovers in your refrigerator as you please.

Stainless steel is a great tool in moving to a plastic-free kitchen!

Beeswax Food Wraps Storage

Wrapping a sandwich in a Beeswax wrap.
Wrapping a sandwich in a Beeswax wrap

Beeswax food wraps are a relatively unheard of product, but nonetheless, a truly brilliant invention indeed.

Beeswax food wraps are a moldable wrap made from fabric, usually cotton and are made by infusing the fabric with food-grade beeswax. Also added to the fabric are rosin, coconut oil and jojoba oil3.

Beeswax wraps are washable, reusable, moldable pieces of fabric you would use essentially the same way you would use plastic cling wrap. You can use it to wrap up a sandwich for lunch or cover up leftovers in your oven dish and pop it in the fridge.

They’re way better for your health and the environment. If you’re wanting a plastic-free kitchen, switch out your cling wrap for some beeswax food wraps that come in different sizes.

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There’s plenty of affordable good looking beeswax wraps on Amazon, beeswax wraps.

Glass Food Storage

Glass is a pantry storage must-have when moving away from all things plastic. It’s virtually impermeable, which essentially makes it the most stable packaging material out there.

Storing food in glass helps the food last longer too4. They are incredibly easy to clean making them a very hygienic storage option.

Glass jars come in many shapes and sizes and are a great solution for keeping flour, rice, grains, pasta, sugar, granola, cereal, cookies, nuts, seeds and more.

You name it, there’s a glass jar that will fit it perfectly and you can freeze them5.

Glass is also a great option for:

  • Food storage in your fridge: As mentioned above, glass containers help keep food fresher for longer. Therefore keeping leftovers in glass containers or jars in your fridge will help keep it fresh.
  • Water/liquid storage: Keeping a glass jug or a mason jar or two full of water or juice in your fridge is a great way to keep hydrated. In addition, glass bottles are a good way of making sure you get your daily dose of water in a healthy way. Therefore, you can ditch the plastic water bottle!
  • Jams and preserves: There’s a very good reason most jams and preserves come in a glass jar but did you ever stop to think why? The acidic part of jams and preserves can react with materials like plastic and metal. It alters both the taste and quality of the product. This problem can be completely negated by simply using glass jars.

Glass jars as a whole are so versatile and are great for your health. If you haven’t already, begin the switch to glass today!

Bamboo Food Storage

bamboo food storage

Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic. Replacing many products that were once plastic with bamboo is growing more popular. Products like cutting boards, children’s plates, straws or even toothbrushes have become relatively normal and more common.

However, bamboo can replace many more plastic items in your house like food storage you probably did not realize.

Bamboo is a great product on its own as a dry food container. In addition, it’s great paired with other materials like glass jars and stainless steel by being a plastic-free alternative lid for containers.

Bamboo is a durable wood, making it perfect as a lid for almost any jar or container. Check out bamboo lids and storage containers on Amazon by clicking here, bamboo food storage.

The most popular use for bamboo in food storage currently is:

  • Bamboo travel mugs: Bamboo travel mugs are great, super useful and look fantastic. They’re durable and help keep your coffee warm. Unlike the glass alternative, when you eventually drop your travel mug, it won’t break.                                     
  • Tea box: Tea storage boxes are generally made of bamboo. Some of them will have a glass window for you to look through and see the options without needing to open the box.
  • Cups: Bamboo cups are becoming quite the sensation. It’s a great alternative to having plastic cups while having the same desired effect of being “unbreakable,” especially for people who have children.
  • Fruit bowl: Fruit storage is not one often considered when it comes to food storage and how the plastic will affect the food. However, plastic does play a role in how long your fruit will last and it often leads to a less than desirable result.
    • Bamboo wood, however, is more natural and breathable material which will help keep your fruit fresher for longer. In addition, they’re great looking. You can find affordable bamboo on Amazon here, bamboo bowls.

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