These Are The Best Cucumbers To Eat

Some people aren’t aware there are different varieties of cucumbers which leads to the question, which cucumber is best to eat?

Diva cucumbers are the best to eat because it offers the best flavor and texture. They have a crunchy external layer and a soft inner combining for a mildly pleasant flavor. The Diva cucumber plant is resilient to most plant diseases resulting in a skin with hardly any blemishes. In 2002, it won the All American Standard edible vegetable award.

Many people have unique preferences in flavors and textures for the same food. It’s for this reason I decided to make a list of the top 7 favorite cucumbers to eat.

The Best Cucumbers To Eat

In this section, we’ll list the top 7 cucumbers to eat and explain why they made the list.

1. Diva

The Diva cucumber is an American cucumber with a mildly sweet flavor. The cucumber grows to about seven inches, and it’s quite thick in terms of diameter. The Diva actually won the AAS edible vegetable award in 2002. The AAS stands for “All American Standard.”

The cucumber has a relatively thick skin which gives the cucumber a crunchy outside layer and a soft inner layer. The texture compliments the mildly sweet flavors of the cucumber.

One thing you will notice about the diva cucumber is it hardly has any scabs or blemishes on it. This is because, during the growing process, the plant is resilient to most plant diseases1.

long green cucumbers.
Long green cucumbers

2. Ashley

The Ashley cucumber is an American cucumber that originates from Charleston. It’s so popular it has made its way across most of the world.

This is because the cucumber is easy to plant and grows in most conditions. It is a hybrid cucumber openly pollinated.

This cucumber was bred specifically to grow in the southern part of The United States where the temperatures are usually hot and humid. Because the Ashley cucumber typically grows in milder temperatures, this breeding is what made the cucumber resilient to almost all climates2.

3. Sweet Slice

The Sweet Slice is one of the best tasting cucumbers you’ll ever eat and aren’t bitter3. Like the Ashley cucumber, the Sweet Slice is popular and can be found across the world.

How many times have you gone to the vegetable stand or supermarket and have seen long cucumbers? Chances are, they are the Sweet Slice which has dark green skin and are approximately 10 to 12 inches long.

Its size is what makes it perfect for families and maybe that’s what contributes to its popularity inside the stores.

Sliced cucumber.
Sliced cucumber

4. Long Green

Another massive cucumber is the Long Green. It also grows up to about 12 inches, but you can immediately tell it apart from the Sweet Slice by looking at it4.

The Long Green has little lumps on the skin. There are approximately three to four lumps per cucumber. This cucumber is perfect for dicing and adding to salads. For people who don’t like their cucumbers to be too watery, the Long Green is the one to get.

5. Marketer

The marketer cucumber refers to a wide variety of cucumbers that are easily grown by individuals. They’re great for using in salads, sandwiches or snack plates.

The Marketer cucumber is only about two inches in diameter and six to nine inches in length5. It has a firm texture with sweet flavors and a juicy center. The skin gives the cucumber a slight crunch when you bite into it. In addition to being great to eat, the Marketer cucumber is great for pickling.

6. Early Pride

The Early Pride is by far one of the favorite and most popular cucumbers. This is especially true for anyone who likes their cucumber to be crisp all the way through and not just on the skin. The firmness of the Early Pride cucumber is what makes this cucumber so great6.

The early pride can grow from anywhere between 8 to 12 inches in length, and it’s approximately two inches in diameter. 

In terms of flavor, it’s hard to put into words. This is because while you have the characteristics of the cucumber in the flavor. The Early Pride cucumber tastes sweet, yet mild and very green. If you could put “green” into a flavor.

The Early Pride is one of the most commonly used cucumbers in restaurants. This is because restaurants often pride themselves on presentation. The Early Pride is crisp and firm throughout the entire cucumber and does well when presented on a plate.

7. Sugar Crunch

As the name sugar crunch would suggest, this cucumber is extremely sweet. This could be due to its small size which is roughly around 5 inches.

The cucumber can be used in a variety of ways. It can be sliced, diced, added to salads, cooked foods, sandwiches or eating it alone. In addition, it’s a very common cucumber for picklers to pickle.

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