This Is What You Can Do With Lots Of Kiwis

Let’s examine what can you do with lots of kiwis.

A few specific recipes are the most popular use when bulk quantities of kiwi fruit are available, including bread, desserts and smoothies. However, recipes that make foods acceptable for long-term storage make the most sense.

Various recipes call for many kiwis to allow for a longer shelf life by freezing the final product. Using kiwi in this manner is a wise choice when the raw fruit’s bulk storage is not an option.

We’ll examine what you can do with lots of kiwis with some of the most popular ideas1. These are in line with long-term storage preferences due to having a large mass of kiwi fruit at your disposal.

kiwis with a smoothie.
Making a smoothie with extra kiwi

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What You Can Do With A Bunch Of Kiwis

After extensive online research, I found a correlation between recipes. The kiwi fruit’s recipes often have the inevitable freezing method for later use in mind.

The two primary uses for a lot of kiwis are: 

  1. Storage of raw fruit for later use 
  2. Recipes to cook large amounts of the fruit

The following list is a compilation of the most popular uses for a large amount of kiwi fruit2.

Most Popular Uses Of A Bulk Quantity of Kiwi Fruit

  1. Store raw for later use.
  2. Juice the kiwi fruit.
  3. Make a frozen dessert like kiwi sorbet.
  4. Make kiwi-pops (a frozen piece of kiwi with a popsicle stick stuck in it).
  5. Bake kiwi bread.
  6. Bake kiwi muffins.
  7. Blend kiwi smoothies.
  8. Make a kiwi fruit salad.
  9. Create a kiwi relish.
  10. Make a kiwi fruit sauce preserve.

Storing Kiwi In Bulk For Later Use

You can store kiwi in bulk when you have many of them. It takes a little bit of time to prep the kiwis, but keeping them stored in bulk is always the right solution. It’s because you can use them for so many different things later. 

What’s good about storing kiwis in bulk for later use is you don’t have to decide on a recipe until later. I find this to be an exceptional solution.

After all, you don’t want to make four or five loaves of kiwi bread merely because you have a plethora of kiwis. For this reason, storing raw kiwi in bulk for later use is my favorite idea for what you can do with lots of kiwis.

Juice The Kiwi

Juicing kiwi fruit is another popular option and also utilizes a bulk amount of kiwi fruit. Therefore, if you have lots of kiwis, juicing them might be the appropriate option for you.

By the way, the price of juicers have come way down over the years. If you need a juicer, Amazon has a bunch of affordable ones, Juicers.

However, when you have a bunch of kiwis and decide to juice them, you have to keep the following in mind. If you’re not going to freeze the kiwi juice, it’s only going to have a maximum shelf life of a week in the fridge before it starts turning bad.

Make A Frozen Dessert Like Kiwi Sorbet Or Kiwi-Pops

When making frozen desserts like sorbets or kiwi pops, one can use lots of kiwis to create these recipes. However, this will create an unusually large number of kiwi-pops, depending on how many kiwis you have.

Kiwi sorbets can use a large number of kiwis to create. Still, the issue then becomes having tubs of frozen sorbet in the freezer. One may not want sorbet in 4 months; one might wish to make kiwi bread.

So, again I stipulate the best solution is storing the kiwi in bulk so that you can decide on what to make with it later.

Kiwi Bread, Muffins, And Baking

As discussed, making kiwi bread or muffins out of kiwis is another solution. Again the issue becomes long-term storage. One might not want to have five, six or even a dozen loaves of kiwi bread in the freezer.

There are other things you can cook with many kiwis that make sense for long-term storage. Although consider leaning towards storing the kiwis raw in bulk. It allows you to decide to break up the bulk number of kiwis for making different recipes at different times in the future.

kiwi fruit desert.
Kiwi desert

More From Kiwi Fruit

Making smoothies and sorbets out of kiwi fruit is an obvious solution. It’s especially true once you take your first look online for kiwi fruit recipes. There are many recipes for sorbet and a variety of smoothies.

Let’s take a few other things you can cook when you have many on hand. 

Can You Cook With Kiwi Fruit?

Making bread and muffins with kiwi are some of the first recipes showing up when doing searches for recipes. It says many people like those recipes and search for them often.

Multiple recipes online involve kiwi. However, only a few use kiwi as bulk ingredients. Those primarily are the bread, muffins and frozen desserts like sorbets and kiwi popsicles.

Making something like the Kiwi-pops is a great idea when you have the time to prepare it. However, suppose you’re talking about a case or multiple cases of the fruit. In that case, there may be a better option than cooking muffins or making kiwi pops.

Here are three more ideas for different recipes that could involve the use of large amounts of kiwis.

  1. Make a salsa.
  2. Bake kiwi tarts.
  3. Make a jam.

Making a jam catches my attention because my family used to make a fruit jam and preserve it. That way, we would be able to eat fruit later on.

Preserving jam is easy and it can last for months or up to a year in a cold storage cellar. Unopened jars don’t even need to go in the fridge. We kept ours in a cold pantry and later in the year it was still good.

kiwis and kiwi jam.
Kiwi jam

If you’re going to be cooking kiwi or storing it raw, there’s still the question of how long it will stay fresh after cutting it. It’s especially true if you have several containers. After preparing some of them, you’ll probably end up with left over cut kiwi.

Therefore, you may want to know how long kiwi will stay fresh after you’ve cut them open. Let’s take a look.

How Long Will Kiwi Stay Fresh After Cutting?

After cutting the kiwi fruit open, the fruit will require refrigeration3. Storing a cut kiwi in a sealed container like a ziplock bag or a food storage bag is a good idea. Any container you have with an air-tight seal will do.

Cut kiwi, adequately stored in a sealed container, will last in the fridge for about 3 to 4 days. Preparing kiwi before cutting into the kiwi to eliminate bacteria can increase the kiwi fruit’s time remaining edible.

Similar to practices with prolonging strawberries shelf-life, one can use a one part vinegar, three-part water bath to wash kiwi fruit before storing or cutting into the fruit. The bath eliminates and washes off any surface bacteria that contribute to the acceleration of decay.

Un-cut fruit will last in the refrigerator for up to about two weeks. Keeping the fruit at room temperature will ripen the fruit. Once ripe, the fruit can only last for a few days at room temperature.

Don’t store the kiwi near other fruit that produces ethylene gas like avocados, apples or bananas. This will make the fruit ripen faster and should be avoided to keep it fresh longer4.

Many people wonder about the seeds. You can eat the seeds ((National Center for Biotechnology Information: Characterization of physiochemical and microbiological properties, and bioactive compounds, of flour made from the skin and bagasse of kiwi fruit)) and many people wonder about the skin. You can read all about it in my blog post by clicking here, Can You Eat The Whole Kiwi?

Cut kiwi fruit.
Cut kiwi

Storing Kiwi In The Freezer

If you decide that storing bulk raw kiwi is the appropriate solution, knowing the right way to do it is crucial. One of the primary issues with freezing fresh kiwi is they’re incredibly juicy. Juicy fruit freezes in a lump if you aren’t careful.

Skin the kiwis, cut them up and freeze them for later use. To avoid them freezing in a large lump, kiwi can go through the same process as with strawberries and other fruits which is flash freezing. 

After cutting the kiwi into pieces, you can carefully set it on a tray. Keep all the chunks separate and in a single layer.

Fast freeze the tray of uncovered kiwi for several hours. I’ve had success with a 5-hour fast freeze. 

Remove the tray from the freezer and transfer the frozen pieces of kiwi to Ziploc freezer bags or other appropriate containers for long-term storage5.

Make sure the bag you use is a freezer bag. They’re more durable and seal better than regular bags. They cost a little more but you can find affordable ones.

When storing the kiwi in this manner, you’ll want to remove as much air from the container as possible. More air means more freezer burn over the long term. For this reason, freezer bags, as opposed to rigid containers, are a more sensible option because they open up less. 

You can use a straw to suck out much of the air while sealing the bag before placing it in the freezer. This method will allow for less freezer-burned fruit and allow the fruit to last for up to a year in the freezer. 

You may want to use a vacuum sealer if you have one. Vacuum sealers are one of those items you don’t know how you did without until you purchase one. They also sell a nice variety of ones on Amazon which you can take a look at by clicking here, vacuum sealers.

If you have any questions to ask me about this article don’t hesitate to comment below or email us. You can find an email on our contact page.

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