White Bass vs Striped Bass: The Key Differences

There are many types of bass including white bass and striped bass. Some of them have different flavors, textures and waters they swim in. Today I’ll be answering, what are the differences between white bass and striped bass.

Striped bass are fresh and saltwater fish while white bass are freshwater fish. Striped bass are longer and more narrow than white bass and weight more. Their taste is similar but white bass is a little fishier and striped bass has a firmer texture. Striped bass contains fewer calories and fats.

This article will provide a side-by-side nutrient comparison of the two fish. I’ll examine their tastes, textures, mercury levels, costs and if one can substitute for the other. In addition, other common questions are answered and my poll results when I asked people which fish they preferred.

Difference in Nutrients Between White Bass and Striped Bass

Some fish contain more fat, omega-3, protein, vitamins and cholesterol than others. I collected the data on the main nutrients found in white bass and striped bass and have compiled it into a table below:

Nutrient White Bass, raw


(4 Ounces)

Striped Bass, raw


(4 Ounces)

Calories 129 110
Fat 4.2 g  2.6 g
Saturated Fat 0.9 g  0.6 g
Cholesterol 77 mg 91 mg
Protein 21 g  20 g
Omega-3 0.77 g  0.85 g
B-6 0.13 mg  0.34 mg
B-12 2.27 mcg  4.33 mcg
Thiamin 0.08 mg 0.11 mg
Riboflavin 0.08 mg 0.03 mg
B5 0.85 mg 0.85 mg
Iron 1.69 mg 0.95 mg
Niacin 1.41 mg  2.38 mg
Folate 17.01 mcg  10.21 mcg
Potassium 403 mg  290 mg
Magnesium 34 mg  45 mg
Phosphorus 226 mg  224 mg
Calcium 90.72 mg  17.01 mg
Zinc 0.74 mg 0.45 mg
Selenium 14.3 mcg  41.4 mcg

Nutrition Value Sources 1 2

After examining the table above, both fish are similar in nutrients. It’s difficult to say which one is better, but I’ll answer the question, which is healthier, white bass or striped bass?

Striped bass is healthier due to its higher number of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, lower calories and saturated fat. Striped bass provides more B vitamins than white bass including B6, B12, thiamin and niacin. Striped bass also contains a higher percentage of magnesium and selenium.

One could argue white bass is better due to its nutrients. It contains more riboflavin, iron, folate, potassium, calcium and zinc than striped bass.

Both fish contains almost the same amounts of phosphorus, B5 and protein. Whether you choose white or striped bass, your meal is going to be healthy and provide you with many necessary vitamins and minerals.

Probably the tie breaker between the two is the omega-3 fatty acids. Both provide a good number of them but striped contains slightly more. Omega-3 fatty acids are important due to their association with heart health 3.

Omega-3s are known to benefit the following:

  • Heart rhythm
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood vessel function
  • Lower inflammation
  • Lower triglycerides

Numerous studies 4 have been conducted showing a connection between fish or fish oil omega-3 consumption and a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol, heart disease and prostate cancer 5.

I created another table below of the recommended daily values based on a 2,000 calorie diet and 155 lbs. body weight. Many people consume a heartier amount of fish, therefore, this table is based on 6 ounces.

Nutrient White Bass, raw


(6 Ounces)

Striped Bass, raw


(6 Ounces)

Fat 8%  5%
Saturated Fat 6%  4%
Cholesterol 39% 45%
Protein 64%  60%
B-6 16%  39%
B-12 142%  271%
Thiamin 11% 14%
Riboflavin 10% 4%
B5 26% 26%
Iron 14% 8%
Niacin 13%  22%
Folate 6%  4%
Potassium 13%  9%
Magnesium 13%  17%
Phosphorus 49%  48%
Calcium 10%  2%
Zinc 10% 6%
Selenium 39%  113%

Nutrition Value Sources 6 7

White Bass vs Striped Bass: Which is Better Eating


When comparing the tastes of the two fish, white bass and striped bass have a mild and sweet taste without the strong fishy flavor. White bass contains more oil which helps make it taste a little fishier.

White bass may have a more red flesh near the inner rib which gives it a more fishy taste. Trimming away the red meat will make the white bass taste more mild. Although removing the red will also take away some of the nutrients. 

Some people feel the trade off is worth it. Other soak the fish in a lemon water to help ease the fishy taste.

Some fish like anchovies and salmon have a very strong fishy flavor. Therefore, I gathered some info based on peoples opinions on the flavor of white bass compared to striped bass. Here’s a table showing the results.

Fish Number of People
Liked White Bass 13
Liked Striped Bass 8
Didn’t Like White Bass 13
Didn’t Like Striped Bass 3

In total 37 people responded about whether they like white bass or striped bass. Whether a person liked or disliked white bass was about 50/50. Whereas with striped bass far more people said they like striped bass than said they didn’t like it.

When people voted they also made comments. There were mixed responses, some said both white bass and striped bass are some of the best tasting fish. Whereas, others said they prefer other fish like catfish, and mahi mahi. 

It appears to me that everyone’s pallet is slightly different. It’s clear many people prefer a mild fishy taste closer to the taste of chicken.


The flesh of striped bass is white and flaky but firm. When the fish is cooked, the flesh almost becomes buttery and silky. The firm texture flakes into large pieces. White bass has a firm, meaty texture. The flesh breaks into thick, large flakes 8.

Can White bass Substitute for Striped?

You may have some white bass but not any striped which a recipe calls for. In this situation, can you substitute white bass for striped bass?

White bass and striped bass can substitute for each other when cooking seafood since they have similar textures and tastes. They both can be cooked using the same methods like pan-fried, slow-roasted, poached, baked or searing in a pan.

When substituting white bass for striped bass, certain sauces that go well with one will be fine with the other 9.

Striped bass substitutes:

  • Black Sea bass
  • Cod
  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Halibut
  • Blue spotted bass
  • Mahi mahi

What fish can you substitute for white bass?

  • Striper
  • Walleye
  • White perch

When substituting one fish for the other always stick to the following:

  • Same weight and size.
  • Try sticking with similar fillets, whole fillet or cross section.
  • Texture is more important for certain cooking methods. Like using a firmer texture when grilling.

White Bass and Striped Bass Mercury Levels

The FDA and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have issued warnings and suggestions regarding mercury levels in fish and how often they should be consumed 10. This is especially important for young infants, developing children and pregnant women.

They established a list of best fish, good choices and ones to avoid based on their mercury levels. Therefore, does white bass or striped bass have more mercury?

White bass and striped bass have similar levels of mercury. They are listed on the FDA’s good choices of fish to consume regarding their mercury levels. The recommendation is to consume white or striped ocean bass once a week.

Always check with a physician prior to eating new foods or changing your dietary habits.

White Bass or Striped Bass: Which Costs More?

When you are purchasing either bass, be sure to check the label to see if the fish is caught in the wild or farm-raised. It makes a difference with the price. Therefore, which is more expensive, white bass or striped bass?

Striped bass is more expensive than white bass. The average cost for wild caught striped bass is $32.91 per pound while the average cost for wild-caught white bass is from $23.99 to $29.99 per pound. The cost will vary depending on location, whether it is farm-raised or wild-caught, fresh or frozen.

I checked my local supermarkets and online stores. The following are the prices I found for white bass and striped bass:


  • Wild striped bass fillet
    • $29.99 per pound

Fulton Fish Market

  • Wild striped bass fillet
    • $36.24 per pound


  • Wild striped bass fillet
    • $32.50 per pound

I was unable to find any white bass in stock with a price. From my prior experience and research, white bass ranges anywhere between $23.99 to $29.99 per pound. 

White Bass and Striped Bass Size, Weight and Habitats

White bass are freshwater fish typically found in ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers 11. They enjoy clear water and don’t like muddy areas or ones filled with plants.

In the United States white bass can be found from the Mississippi River Basin down to Louisiana and the Rio Grande River in New Mexico and Texas. More north white bass is in the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and the St. Lawrence River. 

White Bass average 10-12 inches long and have been found up to 18 inches. They typically weigh 6-7 pounds and live up to nine years 12.

Striped bass are fresh and saltwater fish. Young striped bass remain in the freshwater as they grow and then venture out to the sea. Adults stay in the ocean and return to freshwater to spawn.

Striped bass are originally from the Atlantic Ocean coast and the Gulf of Mexico. They range from in the western Atlantic St. Lawrence River down to northern Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Striped bass range from 16-30 inches long and have been found up to 78 inches long. The heaviest striped bass found weighed 125 pounds 13.

striped bass vs white bass

Is Striped Bass the Same As Bass?

Bass is a common word and can be used to refer to various types of bass. Generally, bass are distinguished amongst people who fish regularly as they are able to identify the subtle differences between them. So, I thought I’d explain if striped bass is the same as bass.

Striped bass and bass are not the same. Striped bass is a type of bass. This difference is due to the taxonomic classification. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, bass covers three families of fish centrarchidae, perciformes, and serranidae. Striped bass are in the family serranidae.

The scientific name for striped bass is Morone saxatilis 14. They are in a sub classification of serranidae called Moronidae, which also includes white bass. The scientific name for white bass is Morone chrysops. To make it simpler the hierarchy is:

Striped bass

Bass > Serranidae > Moronidae > Morone saxatilis

White bass

Bass > Serranidae > Moronidae > Morone chrysops

Are White Bass the Same As Sand Bass?

There are bass called sand bass which can be very similar in appearance to white bass. But are white bass and sand bass the same thing?

White bass and sand bass are the same fish. They both have the scientific name Morone chrysops. Sand bass and white bass are interchangeably used in everyday speech, however, they refer to the exact same species of fish.

There are different types of fish also called sand bass which are much different in appearance to white bass. Like the gold spotted sand bass and barred sand bass. These have a different scientific classification to sand bass 15.

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