These Strawberry Varieties Are The Sweetest

Let’s take a look at what strawberries are the sweetest.

The sweetest strawberries are the Alpine variety. Other sweet strawberries are the Diamante, Honeoye, Sparkle and Sequoia. When choosing sweet strawberries consider the size. Typically, the small or medium size strawberries are sweeter than the larger ones.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the top 5 sweetest strawberries. I’ll discuss them in more detail, so you know what to look out for when buying your next batch. In addition, learn how to pick the sweetest ones in your store and how to make any strawberry more sweet.

Top 5 Sweetest Strawberries

which strawberries taste the best
Eating the best strawberries

It is crucial to know not everybody has the same palate. Therefore, what is sweet for some people might be unsweet for others. That being said, what are the top 5 sweetest strawberries? The top five sweetest strawberries are:

  1. Alpine strawberry
  2. Diamante strawberry
  3. Honeoye strawberry
  4. Sparkle strawberry
  5. Sequoia strawberry

Alpine Strawberry

This Sought after strawberry is native to the United States, Virginia, to be specific. A few centuries ago, around the 1600s, the strawberry was taken to France. It now thrives in the northern hemisphere.

This strawberry is small to medium. This stays true to the consensus that the smaller varieties of specific fruit are often sweetest.

In terms of the color of the strawberry, it is dark red. Therefore, if you come across a strawberry that fits this description, there is an excellent chance it’s the Alpine strawberry. This is so because it’s one of the most common types of strawberries in North America.

Alpine strawberries are often labeled mignonette. This strawberry made it to number one on the list because it is the sweetest strawberry, even though this list is in no specific order after the Alpine. You will notice its sweetness is almost like candy.

Diamante Strawberry

The diamante strawberry is not just popular in North America. It is one of the most popular strawberries in the world. I don’t think it’s a coincidence the strawberry is called the Diamante, which, when translated to English, means “diamond.” At a glance, the strawberry can, in fact, resemble a diamond, albeit a bright red one.

The Diamante strawberry is harvested in the summer. Much like its name would suggest, the strawberry is of premium quality. It isn’t the cheapest strawberry, but it is one of the best strawberries around when you consider its large size and sweetness ratio.

Again, because of its large size, this strawberry is often used in strawberry pies and deserts. In addition, it’s a favorite for making chocolate covered strawberries.

Honeoye Strawberry

Here we have a strawberry that goes against almost everything we like to think we know about strawberries. Like I mentioned earlier, small fruits are considered the sweetest. Well, this strawberry is quite large. The Honeoye strawberry is also relatively firm.

When you combine all of this, you have a sweet, large and firm strawberry perfect for dipping in dark, unsweetened chocolate.

The Honeoye strawberries also made the top 5 strawberries with the best taste in my blog post, 5 Strawberries That Have The Best Taste. Check it out and find out the other four.

Sparkle Strawberry

The sparkle strawberry doesn’t only have a pretty name. It’s one of the best-looking strawberries around. For this reason, it’s often used for displays. It has a bright red color, almost as if it is teasing you about how good and how sweet it tastes before you even taken a bite.

Have you ever had a premium strawberry jam? Well, the chances are the Sparkle strawberry was what they used to create it. It’s often used in jams but not just any jam, mainly high-quality ones.

Sequoia Strawberries

The Sequoia strawberry is a hybrid. It was bred specifically for the California climate. It now thrives in what was once not the best climate to grow strawberries. It could be due to the California sun or perhaps the California soil, but these strawberries are plump and sweet.

These strawberries are not just sweet. They have a pretty complex palate. Although you can’t see it when you look at the strawberries color, the strawberry is bursting with a variety of flavors. The sequoia strawberry, like the Sparkle, is also good for jam.

How To Make Strawberries Sweeter When Growing?

If you grow your strawberries, but they are not sweet, it mostly has to do with the soil you grow the strawberry plant in. To make strawberries sweeter when growing follow these tips:

Rotate Planting Beds: Rotate the planting beds to help avoid viruses. Don’t plant the strawberry plants in a bed previously used for other produce like potatoes and tomatoes.

Find a Sunny Location: Finding a sunny and hot area to grow strawberries is ideal. The sunlight helps to grow sweet strawberries.

Prepare Fertile Soil: Before planting the strawberries, mix compost and animal manure into the soil and water frequently.

Well Drained Soil: If planting in the ground, make sure the plant is mounded so the soil can drain. If you’re planting in a container, ensure there is at least one drainage hole on the bottom.

Spacing: It’s important not to overcrowd the plants. This may make the strawberries less sweet and smaller. Space the plants approximately one foot apart from each other.

Keep the soil moist: Keep the plants watered well.

Mulch: Mulch the bed to help maintain moisture in the soil. Mulch will also help avoid weeds and keep the strawberries out of the dirt.

Pick When Ripe: Make sure the strawberries are ripe prior to picking them. Be careful not to damage the strawberry and leave a small stem attached.

It’s recommended to care for the soil prior to planting the strawberry. Follow the growing tips in your area and make sure the soil is damp while the plant is growing ((USDA: Strawberries: When are Strawberries in Season?)).

How to Make Your Strawberries Sweeter

strawberry yogurt parfait
Strawberry yogurt parfait

To make strawberries sweeter place them in a bowl with sugar. Shake them around, remove them from the bowl and shake off all the excess sugar. Some sugar granules will stay in the holes making the strawberry sweeter.

Make strawberries sweeter without sugar by dipping them into melted, unsweetened dark chocolate. Lay the strawberry on a parchment lined tray and allow them to rest until the chocolate dries.

How to Tell if a Strawberry is Sweet

Look for small-to-medium strawberries. Remember, the larger fruit within a specific group of fruits is typically less concentrated with sugar. If the top of your strawberry is still green or white, then the strawberry might not be as sweet as it should be.

Sometimes the top of the strawberry will still be green, but that amount of green on the strawberry won’t be as prominent. Dark red strawberries are also known to be sweet.

In terms of how they feel, if the strawberry is too firm, it might be dry and not as sweet in many cases ((University of California: Strawberries: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy)). This is untrue in all cases, but it is a good thing to look out for.

Are Organic Strawberries Sweeter?

Organic strawberries are not sweeter than conventionally grown strawberries. An organic and conventional strawberry of the same variety, picked at the same level of ripeness, will both have the same sweetness.

Although a study comparing organically grown to conventional, resulted in the organic strawberries tasting better. In addition to the taste, the organic ones were more nutritious.

The organic strawberries had higher levels of vitamin C, antioxidants and phenolic compounds1.

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